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Bought an avatar and a product to put on it, but don't have Unity? Are you too busy and Unity just too hard to understand? Let me do the hard part for you: Introducing JustJaime's Asset Assistance Service!

.:: How to Schedule ::.

  1. Purchase the service, $5 per item to install.
  2. Join my Discord! I will not answer inquiries about the service through DMs. You will be ignored.
    You must select a role when entering the server or you will be kicked upon exiting Discord. On your phone, this can be almost immediate.
  3. Submit a ticket. Make sure you choose the correct button.
  4. Give me proof of avatar purchase and item purchase. Screenshots of receipts will suffice.
    If the item is one of mine, you can also give me your email or Discord name and I'll look you up. Installing my own products is preferred over others (and you should ask if they have their own installation services).
  5. Send me the .unitypackage of the avatar and the items.
    Only send me Unity packages; I will not accept .zip folders. (I am aware some Japanese creators don't do Unity packages. Exceptions can be discussed.)
  6. I'll install them and send a .unitypackage back to you. If you want to watch me, you can, but I do installations on my own time (no weekends). I will keep the files for up to a week to ensure there are no issues, then delete them.

.:: Rules ::.

  • Personal avatars only! Learn to do this yourself if you're trying to make money.
  • Unity work only! I'm not offering Blender services at this time.
  • Make sure your avatar is 3.0 and Physbone compatible.
  • This is NOT Quest optimization and I'm not offering that at this time.
  • Understand your avatar! I DO NOT give refunds if you don't understand your avatar and don't realize the parameters are full, the avatar is 2.0, it only has dynamic bone conversions, etc. If you want me to correct those things, that'll cost extra.

.:: Workflow ::.

I'll have a Unity project set up with the latest SDK, Poiyomi Toon 7.3, and Avatars 3.0 manager. If your avatar has a different shader, you'll need to tell me so that I can put it in, and not break your materials.

I only speak English and Japanese. 英語と日本語だけを話します。

Got questions? Join my Discord: Jaime's Boba Tea Shop


Unity package (with instructions) + experimental package


.:: JustJaime ::. Asset Assistance Service

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