༺♡Leyla♡༻ by JustJaime (PC + Quest)

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My FIRST avatar! How exciting!

Humans not your persuasion? Looking for something a little more... furry? Check out Leyla's purrfect sister, Laila by Shawtie!

Need me to upload the avatar for you? That's a separate service.

.:: Toggles ::.

Italicized toggles also work on Quest.

  • Skin color wheel (3 shades)
  • Long/short hair
  • Boob size wheel
  • Clothes color hue shift wheel
  • Body color hue shift wheel
  • Grab undress (skirt/flannel/underwear) - Use physbones to actually undress yourself!
  • Lingerie
    • Bra/panties
    • Corset
  • Skirt
  • Flannel
  • Footwear
    • Socks
    • Shoes
  • Harness
  • Cow bell choker
  • Bag
    • Bag color swap
  • Cat
    • Ears
    • Tail
  • Horns
  • Hand warmers
  • GoGo Loco
  • DPS
    • Vag
    • Ass
    • Thighs
    • BJ
    • Hand
    • Boob

.:: Import These First ::.

  • Latest VRChat SDK
  • Latest Poiyomi Toon



.:: Special Thanks ::. ↓

Shawtie for concept and Blender support

Serpent for custom tattoos/body textures

JimJam for toggles/menu/undress system

InnocentDestiny for showcase

Jonto for renders

ThornsXRoses#8621 and Redvelvet570#2944 as dancers

dusta#9999 for toggle showcase

.:: Credits ::. ↓

Head: ZinPia

Body/Socks: ZinPia

Skin: Ying#6669

Hair/Eyelashes: Nessy!#7402

Ears/Tail: sleepyvr

Bra/Corset/Panties: EVA -#2622

Harness: kri#1214

Hand Warmers: MilkyMommy#6969

Sock Texture: Lofty

Flannel: beanie baby#5422

Skirt: HoloExe

Bag: Void#1509

Shoes: Renipuff#3700

Horns: Jess#5678

Cowbell choker: Jess#5678

GoGo Loco: franada

DPS Shader: Raliv


.:: Usage Rules ::.

Personal usage ONLY (streams/YT is fine)!

DO NOT use this avatar to rip assets. Go buy from the creators!

Buying the avatar as a gift is OK, but you must put the info of the person you are giving to during checkout, not your own.

All sales final. Need technical support? Join my Discord! ↓

For updates, progress pics, or to report problems please join my Discord: Jaime's Boba Tea Shop

Depending on the success of this model, I will optimize the Quest version better in a free update.


I want this!


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༺♡Leyla♡༻ by JustJaime (PC + Quest)

5 ratings
I want this!