Vape Pen 2.0 || Jaime&Jamie

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From the makers of the vape pen, we bring you the new and improved

Vape Pen 2.0

Bought the original vape pen? Check your email; you got a $3 off coupon!

Nitro boosters who submit proof of purchase in the "💎 nitro-rewards" channel get the Substance Painter files for free (for version 2023 or later)! Make your own skins or remove our logo. We won't judge.


Buy directly on Jinxxy and pay less!

{{ Four pens! }}

  1. The original vape pen, remodeled! Type O
  2. The professional vape pen, only for professionals. Type P
  3. Rounded, square, cute and colorful! Type B
  4. The definitely not deritive. Type V

{{ Four different smoke tricks! }}

  1. Simple exhale
  2. Smoke ring
  3. Smoke ♡
  4. Dragon's breath

{{ Improved Vaping System }}

  • Vape appears in the hand when system is turned on
  • Improved pocket system
  • Hand switch toggle built in
  • Hue shifting: match your vape to your style!
  • Colorful smoke (customize in shader)
  • Smoke trick toggle
  • WD off and on included

{{ Stats }}

  • Type O - 1990 polys
  • Type P - 2378 polys
  • Type B - 1136 polys
  • Type V - 570 polys
  • 1-2 materials per vape, 4 materials for all smokes
  • 7 particle renderers for all smokes


{{ Notes & Instructions }}

Written instructions are included with your purchase, but you can also watch a video tutorial here.

If you'd like Jaime to install the system for you, please purchase the Asset Assistance Service.

This new system DOES NOT work with the original vape pen. If you have the original, please delete it and use this one instead.

This system DOES NOT WORK ON QUEST, and the Quest package is PROPS ONLY.

{{ Special Thanks }}

Original models and particles by JimJam (50% of each purchase goes to him)

Testing & instructions by dusta

Renders by Jonto

Showcase by MajiSpook

Advice from october and Star

Testing & body acting by Skel

Need technical support? Join our Discord! We do not give technical support in our DMs! ↓

For updates, progress pics, or to report problems please join my Discord: Jaime's Boba Tea Shop

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Vape Pen 2.0 || Jaime&Jamie

35 ratings
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